Below are some examples of some of my animation work. To see all of my motion graphics and animation work visit
These are more experimental pieces and are mainly based around the idea synchronising geometry and audio.

Circles Within Circles

The audio is actually generated from the movement of the circles and triangles, the system sonifies the geometry. There’s a whole bunch of this stuff here


This animation goes with the Auto-Kandinsky plots. It's generated from the same process except is time based of course.

No More Airports 2/1

Both audio and visual are created in parallel algorithmically. If left alone the algorithm will just run and run creating an endless piece of visual music. It is inspired by Brian Eno's Music for Airports 2/1 (1978). The audio is in stereo so use headphones for full effect.

Quartet for the End of Time

This piece is based around the mathematical influences of Olivier Messiaen. The full write up can be found here

Piano Shapes 

I used a machine learning piano piece make the generative animation. More info on my motion graphics site